Social Media - Advertising

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Online Advertising

Highly targeted, great for monitoring the success and managing the costs, flexible and up and running today.

Two key measurements

CLICKS or click throughs are when someone clicks on your advert and lands at your chosen page.

Page Impressions are the number of time your ad appears on a page someone has visited.

The costs are controlled by you, as to how many impressions you get and how many click throughs.

Google Adwords & Facebook Advertising are two of the more widely used options.

Social Media - Advertising

Campaign Management

Wherever you decide to run your campaign ensure you have thought it through and have the resources to support it - if you talk about a great piece of literature, make sure it is available either online or in hard copy and that you can get more in time.

Keep your site up  to date with current campaign news, if you have the time do it if not email or dictate it and we will.

Utilising Social Media

The increase in availability and use of both Facebook and Twitter has initiated a new form of Communication.

If your industry has a favourite then that’s where to start, some of the better known choices are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Wikipedia.  Integrate them with your strategy and keep up to date.

Before you start always consider the content of your message - it will be in the ‘ether’ for a long time!  Post accurately and knowledgeably.